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CLICK ON ANY PICTURE AND ENJOY. Welcome to SillyBooks.net, an animated world of free reading, writing and learning fun for kids. Children can even have their own stories published, free here.. You’ll need “Flash” to play our books (free download).
    Our books keep children entertained while promoting child literacy. Reading and writing skills help create a strong foundation for their future. It may be many years before they rent textbooks for college, but it is important to install a love of reading and writing in your child at an early age.
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River Otter — A Natural History lesson with animated illustrations, spoken text, and click-on word definitions.

Agro Man — an illustrated

A day in the life of a child.

FREDA  —  The life of a cactus plant out on the desert.

When a girl wants a pet...


The cat sat on the mat,
the kitten sat on the mitten...

THE FUNGULS AND THE PUSSYCAT  — Running Time :15 – Ages 4-6, 6-8
In this talking comic strip, a wise old fungul greatly misjudges a cat.

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Leona Bodie — authors and illustrators.
Another writer and illustrator.

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